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Welcome to 40 Years of Glastonbury

As the festival heads towards it's epic 40th anniversary, we'll be building a history section week by week with memorabilia, memories, and of course - the unique GlastoEarth interactive maps that will show you how the festival has grown over the years.

Helping us tell the tale are the GlastoEarth team and friends, who've been involved with the festival for decades - including crafting the apex of the Pyramid stage thirty years ago.

We kick off with 1979-1983, and each week between now and June we'll be adding another year of history.

If you've got the GlastoEarth Map, check out the '40 Years of Glastonbury' section that you'll find in 'Bonus Features'.

And of course, please do tell us if you've got something to add.

Updates every week: follow 'glastoearth' on twitter for the latest.