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Revealed: Shangri-La 2010

21st May 2010 00:10 (
19:30 - Updated Lineups)
GlastoEarth Exclusive

The hit of 2009, Shangri-La, returns to Glastonbury with new and established venues, a revamped central area, and a myriad of new micro venues in the post-apocalyptic alley ways, including the cheekily themed Temple of the Blessed Bono.

The organisers are hoping festival goers will go all-in, dressing up and becoming part of the show, and they also promise a smattering of secret acts - which last year included Daman Albarn and Lady Gaga.

The focal point - The Hub - returns in a new form, with a mix of everything from games in the daytime to pumping tunes by night. As a first for a Glastonbury late night area, Radio One will run The Essential Mix with Annie Mac from the Hub on Friday night.

Elsewhere in The Hub lineup, there's Glastonbury original Nik Turner, with a "Ritual 40th Anniversary Concert". Saturday sees "Viva La France" - a night dedicated to French electronica, including La Roux collaborators Tepr.

Also in the Hub, moving from their spot in Dada, Club Attitude is back after breaking new ground in 2009 with the first showcase mixing disabled and non-disabled musicians.

The appropriately cramped and strange world of the alleys sees last years favourites such as
Fish and Tits and the Drum Machine get a raft of new neighbours, including Raveoke, a pick-your-favourite dance-choon-classic rave-up singalong that's almost certain to get both messy and silly.

With another first, at least since the anarcho days of Glastonbury, the alleys will also see venues and installations conjured up by the public - with competition winners being given a budget to fashion their own festival creations.

Continental Drifts' substantial venue Dada brings a refreshingly unpredictable mix of genre-themed sessions including Electro Swing, Latin Riot, Gypsy Soundclash and Folk Punk Ceilidh.

Acts include Nik Turner - who has been performing at Glastonbury since 1970 - and Ska legend Neville Staples.

The Snakepit makes it's second appearance. There's no confirmation whether or not the tattoo-only theme will reappear, but they do promise a "soul stealing cabaret, flaming stage shows, and dirty fat tunes".

Over in Hotel Slumbarave, there's a "seedier underbelly", with a mysterious sounding six sided labyrinth which, they claim, might lead to "risque room services". They also add, rather cryptically, "To pass out the other side requires processing which offers great rewards". (In Shangri-La, we recommend not passing out at all - that's what tents are for.).

Away from the hedonism, for the lucky ones who've already booked a table at least, there's the return of the now sold-out Rocket Lounge. After five years absence, the fine-dining restaurant is back. As well as posh food, there's live jazz and blues to keep the festival spirit moving along.

Completing the Shangri-La mini-city will be the 24 hour Deluxe Diner, and the welcome return of the area's best little bar, the Apple Smugglaz cider pub.

So that's what the organisers are telling us. But if 2009 is anything to go by, it'll be a whole lot better than that.

Hold on tight.

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17.00 - 17.45  Bunty
18.00 - 18.45  The Worm - Afro Dance mash up
19.00 - 19.45  The Gentle Mystics - Ska vaudeville Gypsy remix
20.00 - 20.45  Nick Turner's Space Ritual 40th Anniversary Concert - The only man still playing who played the first ever festival
21.00 - 21.45  Moviemientos DJs - Latin Jump
22.00 - 22.45  Dutty Moonshine  - Slamming remix of the whole world 
23.00 - 00.00  TBA

Day: MOVIEMIENTOS - Global Local - the champions of all things Latin remixed in the UK

12.00 - 13.00  Games - If you’ve got the energy for deathball, transformer wars and zorbs then come on down we’re running games every day in the hub this year. 
13.00 - 14.00  Lokandes - Afro-Andino grooves
14.25 - 15.15  Jardares Por Fuera - Funky Rumba Flamenco with Hip Hop, Reggae, Rumba and Swing
15:30 - 16.20  Los Chinches - Psychedelic Cumbia
16:40 - 17.30  Wara - Cuban timba with soul, funk, Afro-Cuban grooves and pan-Latin rhythms
17:50 - 18.40  Mano De Dios - Rumba fusion from De Dios
18.40 - 20.40  Movimientos DJs - Cuban Djs
20.40 - 22.00  DJ Creme De La Core - Guildford's finest  


Free-range Presents 2300 - 0600. Free-range joins Radio One for a trip into the 25th Century Dance world with many superstars.
22.00 - 23.00  Roots
23.00 - 00.15  Gappy Ranks ft. Pierre Vost
00.15 - 01.00  Congo Natty ft. Top Cat and Tenor Fly
01.00 - 02.00  Annie Mac ft. Tinie Tempah
02.00 - 03.00  Chase and Status ft. Plan B
03.00 - 04.00  Rusko
04.00 - 05.00  Toddler T ft. Scorcher
05.00 - 06.00  Dead Silence Syndicate


Day: CLUB ATITUDE with Global Local

“For the first time, one of the stages has been given over to disabled artists,” Ian Youngs, 6 Music June 2009. Attitude is Everything run regular Club Attitude nights to showcase the talents of disabled and non-disabled musicians and DJ’s, and to promote best practice"

14.00 - 14.20  DJ Void - Drum and Bass pioneer and globe trotter
14.20 - 15.10  LA Rebla Fam - Hailing from the four corners of the globe, this bunch of vertically challenged misfits mash it up with a skank-flavoured adrenaline
15.10 - 15.30  DJ Void
15.30 - 16.30  Bug Prentice
16.30 - 16.45  DJ Void
16.45 - 17.45  Drugstore - Indie pioneers whose renowned work has included music with Thom Yorke, return after a 5 year hiatus.
18.00 - 20.00  Deaf Rave - Deaf Rave is about bringing love and peace with music and visuals for the Deaf community worldwide.   MC Geezer raps in sign language and DJ Inigo and DJ Ceri spin the discs. 


"In a unique collaboration between Favela Chic, Stop Making Sense and the French Music Bureau, Glastonbury will for the first time experience a showcase of cutting edge French electronic dance music, on one stage in one memorable all night session! "

20:00 - 20.30  Fran and Josh Featuring MC Tali  
21:00 - 22.30  Debruit - Laptop glitch tech.
22.30 - 24.00  Tepr - mighty electronica wizards works with La Roux , Santogold and more
00:00 - 01.30  Birdy Nam Nam - Live multi deck ( 6 decks) wizzadry from the No1 dance act in France
01.30 - 02.00  Gringo Da Parada - MC and Favella Chic Paris  Dj
02.00 - 02.45  Sexy Sushi - Smashing it and intense  Electro punk from the Cheeky Sushi
02.45 - 03.00  Gringo Da Parada
03.00 - 04.00  Teenage Bad Girl - Cool laser driven house from Teenage Bad Girl
04.00 - 05.30  Djedjotronic - The super hip Boysnoize label’s Djedjotronic.
05.30 - 06.00  Gringo Da Parada  


Day: MAGPIES NEST and Global Local

"Magpies Nest winner of the best Folk Club award from BBC, has all the best new acoustic acts in the UK and have nearly re-invented the Hoe Down concept."

12.00 - 13.00  Games 
13.00 - 14.00  Serious Sam - Lone wolf hero of new acoustics
14.00 - 15.00  Cut A Shine and The Belles Of London - Glastonbury Hoedown Our very special Glastonbury Ceilidh you wont see this anywhere else .
15.00 - 16.30  Wagon Tales  - Bluegrass remixed
16.30 - 17.30  The Cedars - Brilliant mix of Alt-Americana, they straddle the divide between the dancehalls of the 20's and 30's and what's going on in the scene right now.
17.40 - 18.40  SBO Band - Smith Byrnes O'Sullivan (SBO Band)  deliver exquisite contemporary Celtic tunes ranging from driving folk-funk with a heavy back beat, to beautiful slow melodic tunes.
18.40 - 19.40  DJ Chris Van Tofu - Was born 100 years ago in this field
19.40 - 23.00  DJ Roots Special


23.10 - 00.00  Hooligan Night
00.10 - 03.00  Solution Sounds and Friends - A galaxy of reggae superstars mixing with Hackneys  Underground Reggae Soundsystem Solution
03.00 - 05.00  DJ Switch - World Scratch Dj champ and mash up maeastro 


"Brought to you by Continental Drifts, legends of the late night festival. The club is a vast mixup of famous secret superstars and Volcano hot festival music from Gypsy to Ska to African Punk and beyond.  We’ll keep you going all night, every night. Last year, our secret surprise superstars were Lady Gaga and Damon Albarn so keep your eyes and ears peeled for equally as impressive musical sensations this year."


"Every year we christen this field with a slamming folk punk and  hoe down so come and swing your partner's bits."

17.00 - 17.45  Claptones - Crazed Folk covers
18.00 - 18.45  Victor Menace - 1000 mile an hour gypsy punk
19.00 - 19.45  Zen Hussys - Festival super heroes twisted Ska and Vaudeville
20.00 - 20.45  Tofu Love Frogs - Punk Rock legends born in this field
21.00 - 22.00  Cuttashine and the Belles Of London City - Revolutionary Ceilidh loonatics.
22.15 - 22.45  Los Albertos - Ska and Brass and Brighton craziness 


Latin Riot

20.00 - 21.00  Planetman and The Internationalz Reggae Giants and revolutionaries to boot
21.00 - 22.00  Nik Turner and Space Ritual - Nik, with Hawkwind were the first underground band in Glastonbury 40 years ago , he's still on the blag now ! Come check the maestro !
22.00 - 23.20  The Worm - Afro Centric Electro Jump
23.00 - 00.00  Los Chinches - Crazy Peruvian Music
00.00 - 01.00  Ska Cubano - Champion band mixing Cuban and ska welcome return
01.20 - 02.20  Hypnotic Brass Ensemble - One of the most incredible bands ever , 10 piece brass hip hop attack
02.40 - 03.40  Soul Jazz Orchestra - Ottawas  mixers up of the deepest funk and grooves
04.00 - 05.00  Systema Solar - Explosive Columbian dance superstars
05.00 - 06.00  Surprise Act


The Dawn of Electro Swing  

"Electro Swing is the remix of 1930 - 1950`s and is a booming new genre taking over"

18:00 - 19:00  TBA 
19:00 - 20:00  TBA 
20:20 - 21:20  Rachel Furner - Rachel is a 17 year old singer / songwriter
21.20 - 22.20  La Rebla Fam - Radical funkster rap
22.20 - 23.20  The Stow - East London Hip Hop Skasters
23.20 - 00.15  Swing Zazou - The Uk`s  only full live band remixing 1930s Swing into breaks live jumping 9 piece.
00:30 - 01.30  Neville Staples - Absolute Dada Hero and best live Ska band
01.40 - 01.45  Surprise Act
01.45 - 01.55  Twilight Players - Amazing Dance Crew that mix up Ska with Bolltwood to Boogaloo
01.55 - 02.40  Correspondents - This years hottest act and kings of the UK remix of Electro Swing
03.00 - 03.45  Kormac and Band - Irelands finest electronic producer with his full live Swing band
03.55 - 04.40  Movits - From Sweden crazy skat hip hop and jive remade with beats
04.40 - 05.10  Surprise Guest  
05.10 - 06.00  DJ Switch - World DJ Champion remixes the bakelites into 23rd century masterpieces


Gypsy Soundclash  

17.40 - 18.30  TBA
18.50 - 19.40  Bunty
18.50 - 19.40  Vood  - Hoodoo Moodoos
21.00 - 21.40  Gentle Mystics - Hectic Eclectic remix on Gypsy and brass
21.50 - 22.50  Victor Menace - Wickedly fast gypsy punks with the inimitable Ruth Theodore
22.50 - 23.50  Blackberry Wood - Canadian Tom Waits like itinerants
00.10 - 01.00  Brass Roots - Madly funky Brass Band
01.20 - 02.20  Orchestra Del Sol - UKs most entertaining Gypsy Brass Band
02.40 - 03.40  Birdy Nam Nam - 6 decks 3 blokes Frances biggest new dance act, be scared!
03.15 - 04.15  Räfven - The Swedish Gogol Bordello x 10
04.15 - 05.00  DJ Tofu  - Last DJ on site songs made in the field. 



20:00 - 00:00  TNT Crew DJs warm up night plus exotic and wrong  cage dancing and super pole stars Sonia and Pixie 


Dirty Electro Swing night

22:00 - 00:00  TNT crew DJ Birdman and DJ Drewcifier, Pole Stars Sonia and Pixie, Cage Dancers
00.00 - 01.00  DARK EXOTIC CABARET show FEATURING Fake bush, Polka-dot Pretzels, Steve Aruni, The two Wrongies, Frank Sanazi, Eclectic Dance
01.30 - 02.30  Top Shelf Jazz - Fine Purveyors of Filthy Swing
03.30 - 04.30  Swing Zazou - Stomping recipe of hot-swingin licks and vintage harmonies that is Electro Swing 


Bouncing Soul and Ska night

22:00 - 00:00  TNT Crew DJ Scum and Drewcifer, Byrne, Birdman
00.30 - 01.45  DARK EXOTIC CABARET show FEATURING Dave Chameleon, Beau Burlington, Eclectic Dance, Polka-dot Pretzels, Steve Aruni, The Two Wrongies, Mooky
02.00 - 03:00  Novellos - bouncing Soul infused Rock’n’ roll
03.40 - 04.30  TBC


End of Weekend mash up Party

22.30 - 23.30  TNT crew DJ Scum and DJ Byrne
00.30 - 01.40  DARK EXOTIC CABARET SHOW featuring Toni Guerulo, Eclectic Dance Beau Burlington, Frank Sanazi Liqueur Flambe, Mooky
02.40 - 03.40  Special Surprise Guest
03.40 - 06:00  DJ Finale’ Mash Up