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New Site Plan: 40th is the Biggest

The 40th anniversary is set to have the biggest site ever.

Following expansion plans that we exclusively detailed here on GlastoEarth earlier this year, the festival has published its first version of the site plan for 2010.

Changes not reported before include a massive expansion of the East campervan fields, and the turnover of much of Paines Field public camping into a crew area - balanced out by the new public camping further North.

In response to the east campervan expansion, the car parks on that side of the festival push out further. On the west side, the new camping - previously parking - also increases the site's east-west bulge as new car parks are added north of the main road. The world's biggest greenfield festival, already notorious for a big trek for car arrivals, will stretch even further.

Compensating are the new camping areas in the North East, that we reported earlier this year. Gate A moves east, feeding public transport arrivals directly into the new campsites. Gate D also moves further out.

Crew areas are reshuffled, with Clapps Ground being opened up to an expansion of the massively popular all night area.

Family Camping options change again, and expand. Whilst Cockmill Meadow - the heartland of Family Camping - remains unchanged, the 'new' area moves to the expansive Wicket Ground, having previously trialled in a small area of Spring Ground.

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