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2010 Licence: More Camping!

20th January 2010

Squashed in campers might be getting a reprieve this year as the festival site is set to become its largest ever, without visitor numbers expanding.

In a bid to ease the pressure on camping space, the 2010 Licence proposal plans for a new tract of public camping space in the north west of the site.

The fence will move west, opening up two new substantial fields, as well as a strip bordering the north bank of the Whitelake river. In conjunction with this, the main gate for public transport (PGA), will move closer to the bus station, to allow better pedestrian access.

The new layout makes it unlikely that the hospitality channel, unexpectedly introduced in 2009, will be repeated. This walled strip was criticised by both festival goers and stewards after last year's festival, cutting off Info and Lock Ups from Woodsies and forcing southbound pedestrian traffic to navigate round the new hospitality area.

These new camping areas will be especially convenient for the John Peel Stage, Dance Village and Other Stage, and being on the doorstep of PGA means they are likely to fill quickly on the opening day of the festival.

South of the river, the overflow area Bushy Ground comes inside the fence for the first time. This area, which was brought into action in 2009, will offer more than twice the space for emergency camping.

In the east, the map shows West Holts (formerly Jazz/World) crew moving outside the fence, relocating to Ridgy Ground adjacent the 'Hill of Death' track outside pedestrian gate C. Their previous location, in Clapps, is earmarked for a substantial expansion of the all night area.

Site numbers remain the same as recent years. The licence confirms: 135,000 public tickets, 37,500 staff and performers, and 5,000 Sunday 'Locals' tickets. Although there is no further increase in numbers at present, Glastonbury Festival remains the largest event of it's kind in the world.

The deadline for public comments on the new licence closed today. It is understood that Mendip Council will make a decision on the proposals in March.

Article updated 8th April 2010: Jazz/World rename.