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2010 Licence: Headliners; Louder but Earlier

In a bid to up the volume for the top of the bill acts, the festival has proposed higher off site noise limits for 2010. An extra 5 decibels are proposed, raising the limit to 65db.

Off site sound levels are monitored in four locations: Pilton village, near gate B, west of gate D, and south west of The Park.

No monitoring is done near the all night area in the south east. Local residents there - some of whom have businesses interests related to the festival - have preagreed to lodge no noise complaints during the event.

By way of compromise, the 'Group A' stages - The Pyramid, Other Stage and West Holts (formerly Jazz/World) will close 30 minutes earlier than previous years, with headline acts due to finish at midnight. The remaining Group B & C stages will run until 00:30

The sound power output of the site overall remains fixed - a colossal 650kw at any point. In previous years, the festival has actively managed differing levels across the site. In 2009, many stages were required to operate on reduced decibel levels during Bruce Springsteen's performance, to allow higher volume levels for the US rocker's mammoth set on Saturday night.

A decision on the proposed licence is expected in March.

 Group A Group B Group C
 00:00 Close 00:30 Close 00:30 Close 
 Pyramid East Dance Acoustic
 Other Stage G Stage Avalon
 West Holts John Peel West Dance
  The Park Stage Glade
   Radio One Introducing
   Experimental Sound Fields

Photo: Arcadia Funktion One system; by GlastoEarth

Article updated 8th April 2010: Jazz/World stage renamed West Holts