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Trash City Unveil 2009 Plan

posted 6 May 2009, 12:46 by Paul Holmes   [ updated 13 Oct 2009, 10:07 ]
GlastoEarth Exclusive

Trash City, whose "post-apocalyptic rave" was a massive hit in 2008, today confirmed their plans for 2009.

Remaining in the field they first occupied last year in the festival's late night area, the collective will be adding a new mutoid creation and a performance experience, alongside three successful venues from the previous set up.

The newest creation is "a giant interactive pinball table-cum-music venue, in which the audience, as the pinball, gets catapulted through a series of incredible worlds, culminating in a giant light-up score". We're baffled as to what this will turn out like, but can't wait to be part of the weird kinetic action.

Back again is the travelling gay disco NYC Downlow, set in a derelict Manhattan apartment block, with a breathtaking film set appearance. Inside one is transported back to the heady days of clubs like the famous Studio 54, with disco tunes and neon kitsch. NYC Downlow first appeared at the festival in 2007, and was an overnight success for revellers seeking some 70s boogie action and a mustachoid crowd, both fake and real!

New this year is a live art and theatre group, going by the curious name of You Me Bum Bum Train. GlastoEarth somehow doubts the myspace profile of being a 99 year old female, but is reassured by Trash City's mysterious Ruby Blues that they will be "high-jacking a real life plane crash and taking the audience for a wild through a random array of weird and wonderful worlds". 

We're expecting the familiar aircraft to be playing a starring role, "...for the ultimate Alice In Wonderland experience" they claim, and the YouTube video certainly doesn't disappoint in the fascinatingly strange rating.

The Tarantino Dusk-Til-Dawn inspired Dragstrip venue returns - hopefully without actual killer bats - but certainly with DJs, bands and a nightly aerial Vampire Show. Burlesque performances round out the menu of twisted attractions.

Also getting a place again is the Rubbish Fairy, dressed with the spoils of possibly the world's most creative bin plundering, and featuring art, music and performance.

And of course there's the stuff the mutoid waste company does best: The scrap pile art, mutant vehicle parade and pyrotechnics.

Arcadia, who last year lit up the skies with their incredibly gas installations, will this year move to their own field next door, just over the railway track.

As in 2008, Trash City is expected to be licensed until 6am again this year, and will no doubt be rammed soon after midnight. Our tip to avoid the crowds is go early, or go very late.

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