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News roundup: Trash City House Band, Arcadia Line-up-dateness and 3D joy.

posted 28 May 2009, 14:40 by Paul Holmes   [ updated 13 Oct 2009, 10:05 ]
Yep, it's time for another news roundup. This is where we at GlastoEarth (okay, I really mean me - it's just me, I admit it), bring you some little nuggets of random information, lovingly wrapped in random verbiage.

First up, the best DJ booth in the world? Hmm... Let's take a step back, to a time when I used to stay up, sometimes as late as one o'clock. Back then, the undisputed most exclusive wheels-of-steel cockpit was the main booth at the legendary New York Sound Factory.

The exclusivity worked liked this: If you weren't Junior Vasquez, you couldn't play in it. You don't get much more exclusive (or arsey) than that.

But the coolest DJ booth... ahhh... now that accolade I will now personally award to Arcadia's Mothership. I imagine their booking process works like this:

Arcadia: "Would you like to play at our field at Glastonbury?"
DJ: "Erm... there's a few things on, can I give you a call back?"
Arcadia: "The tower shoots flames and has lasers".
DJ: "I'm in."

Now this is a verrry roundabout way of pointing out that they don't just do DJ's. Some wriggling tentacles of stage below the flaming tower mean that Arcadia have live acts too, with Zion Train, The Egg and Evil Nine amongst others, doing their stuff this year. For the current lineup and times, see our (my) updated news story.

Now away from the new pups, and over to their Glastonbury birthplace: Trash City. I'm reliably informed (i.e. they told me themselves) that 'TC' now have a house band, Hooligan Night. Now for me, if someone says 'house band', I can only think of one thing: Glen Ponder, on I'm Alan Partridge. Suffice to say though that, with a mutoid creation like Hooligan Night, you're not going to find a jazz synthesiser act who's played wine bars in both Norwich and Ipswich.

Instead there's Ruby Blues and a bunch of other collaborators, who are all upstaged by the four armed robot drummer. It's all in their debut video, with backdrop footage of mutoid messyness from last year at Glastonbury.

Aaaand finally, just a little word to say that Shangri-La have kindly donated some of their 3D site plans to GlastoEarth. If you've got the map already, just have a look in the 3D bit, in Bonus Features. And if you've not got the map, go here.

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