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GlastoEarth 3D 2009 Arrives

posted 20 Mar 2009, 10:10 by Paul Holmes   [ updated 13 Oct 2009, 10:08 ]

It's been modelling-a-go-go over the last month here at GlastoEarth towers, and finally the first cut of GlastoEarth 3D 2009 is available! Take in a virtual view from up at Flagtopia, look down at the Pyramid from the farm, or explore the mini-maze of the central markets.

You'll find the 3D stuff in the Bonus Features section of the GlastoEarth map. If you already have a 2009 version, the 3D section should be available automatically - just fire up Google Earth. If your PC isn't too hot, try turning on just one section at a time. And remember to turn on Terrain in Google Earth - Worthy Farm must have it's hills, and indeed, the 3D version of the map depends on them being there to work properly.

There's a few gaps (everyone's favourite bus is yet to appear!), but the coverage this year is much more extensive, and the download much smaller. Between now and the festival though, expect a few additions. With any luck, a virtual Somerset cider will be yours for the drinking, and maybe the virtual falling over too.

Not got the map? GlastoEarth Map