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Dance Village Adds a New Dimension.

posted 22 Apr 2009, 14:39 by Paul Holmes   [ updated 13 Oct 2009, 10:07 ]
The festival today announced the 2009 plans for the Dance Village, which include a new first: 3D visuals for dance music fans at the 3D Disco, combining with the Silent Disco outfit for the after-hours session.

The new visual treats will come from Novak, an arts collective from the North East of the UK, who have performed their Hi-Def 3D Disco work at festivals and other arts events around the world. The audience wear 3D glasses to see the "eye popping" video and graphics.

The Silent Disco concept - where clubbers don radio headphones - first appeared at the festival in 2005, allowing all night dance sessions without breaching an increasing regime of noise monitoring and regulation by the local council.

The following festival, in 2007, saw the Silent Disco idea rolled out to a second venue, in The Park area that was a key part of the event's expansion that year.

Elsewhere in the Dance Village, the main East and West tents are promised to be "Bigger, badder and better", with the Pussy Parlure in the classic Spiegeltent staying on board for its fourth year alongside the Dance Lounge, and the funky outdoor G-Stage.

New venues include a "triple-domed Magic Bubbles area" with a more relaxed sounding vibe of food and chill-out, and The Boudoir which the festival is currently keeping under wraps.

In recent years, Glastonbury has continually expanded its dance music offering, from just two main venues in 2004 - the Dance Tent and The Glade - to more than ten venues expected this year.

Video: 3D Disco in Trafalgar Square, London

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