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Bassline Circus Brings Free Party Veterans to Glastonbury

posted 18 Jun 2009, 08:48 by Paul Holmes   [ updated 13 Oct 2009, 09:59 ]

In a weeks time, owners of abandoned warehouses and remote rural plots may be able to breathe a collective sight of relief, for a few days at least.
Just as comedians vacate to Edinburgh in August, it seems that the free party scene is about to temporarily implode into a small field in Pilton.


Tucked away in the Shangri-La corner of the festival site, in one of Europe's biggest geodesic domes, Bassline Circus are bringing together names that may seem like they are from a lost age.
DiY, veterans of the five day Castlemorton illegal rave in 1992, will be represented by Digs and Woosh, taking over the Bassline decks at 3.30am on Friday. DJ's from Smokescreen and Reclaim The Streets regulars Desert Storm will be adding to the mayhem, alongside Total Resistance.


It may be a far cry from the free form nature of the underground party scene, but for some, going legal has been a release rather than a bind.


"When you get older, needing an income, doing a few proper events like Glastonbury can keep you in the scene - instead of having to leave it completely and do a 9-5 job", Bassline partner Ryan told us today, speaking from Worthy Farm.


Despite the Bassline's collective's respectable exterior though, Ryan is far from selling out. "We live in our trailer all year round. We were pitched up on a farm near London in the winter when my wife gave birth. A midwife came over, then after that it was just us around our burner."


Looking forward to events in just over a week, Ryan is not surprisingly upbeat. "At the festival, it's going to be a melting pot... we're bringing together outfits from across the country, from Glasgow, from Manchester, from all corners..." and his enthusiasm goes beyond what he's up to himself with Bassline: "Trash City and Shangri-La are a great example of the positive effect that the scene can have."


Indeed. You'll know where to find us in a week's time.
Photo by AleReportage, flickr.
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