GlastoEarth is a non-commercial grass roots 'thing' helping visitors to the festival, new and old, to make the most of it.

It has over 100,000 users across the world, and is one of the few independent resources that has featured on the official festival web site, as well as being linked to by the BBC and UK national newspapers.

GlastoEarth Team: Paul Holmes, Tort, Gerry1Time, wiskey and Chris Harbour

Some (but by no means all) of the people we're indebted to...

Contributors: Incident, r0cky, FrostyPaw, Venom, Chocky, Famosb, Paganlovegod, Cerebral Chasm, Graham S, Stabarinde, 'Alun, builder of Lock Ups', Mark Ollerenshaw, Dave Fox, Oric (Acoustic), Brian (WBC).

PhotographersTort, Bob Rose (, wiskey, Russ Garrett, therefromhere, Auntie P, Janesdead, Mrmanc, Russeljsmith, TiggerT, Paul Holloway, drgillybean, gusset, wonker, smallritual, Scottee, edmittance, Matt Lang, elmsyrup, stevec77, skeeewhiff, Flash Bristow, mssoft and Peoples Republic of Disco.

Modellers: hirumaui, J_M, willborg, bexxx, Chris Harbour

And very special thanks to the festival management, area organisers and their teams who have helped make GlastoEarth more accurate and helpful than we could ever manage on our own. You know who you are. :)

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