The GlastoEarth map - updated for 2014 - is a unique, detailed interactive guide to the Glastonbury Festival, showing over 850 places - from stages to camping areas. Running in Google Earth, you can explore the different areas, read write ups and enjoy photography and videos from the festival.

In Bonus Features, there's GlastoEarth 3D, plus historic maps where you can see how the festival has grown over the years. It's all bundled in the map.


Constantly updated and with a whole bundle of new photos every year, the FAQ has been written over more than a decade by festival veteran Tort and answers a myriad of questions - everything from travel arrangements to where to hunt out late night partying. 

Although the answers are written for newcomers, there's plenty enough to keep regulars coming back and reading the latest version each year they go.


Our history section brings memorabilia and memories. From programmes to posters, tickets to souvenir badges. Included so far are years 1970 to 1987.

Helping us tell the tale are the GlastoEarth team and friends, who've been involved with the festival for decades - including crafting the apex of the Pyramid stage thirty years ago.

And if you get the GlastoEarth Map, you'll find historic versions in the Bonus features that will show you how the festival has grown. 

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